About My Blog


Development and SEO

I started a career in Web Development about 5 years ago, since that time I have been learning more and more about everything this field has to offer.  I made this blog to try and give some feedback to people who are interested in learning basic level information on Development and SEO.  I try to give easy and understandable tips so that people don’t get taken advantage of.  If you guys want anymore information, make sure to head over to my contact page and sign up for my news letter.


How I Started

I use to be a biologist and worked different pharmaceutical drugs over the my career.  I heard about programming and decided to check it out as a hobby. 

Soon after I started taking random jobs on Craigslist on the weekends.  Eventually, that turned into bigger jobs that took more time for me to complete.  After some consideration, quit my fulltime job and dove into the world of development and SEO work.